Pam Talley


Tallahassee, FL


"Painting classes are starting up for the New Year and I'm excited about getting back to the easel myself. Come back often and visit to see new work." - Pam

Pam Talley takes ordinary subjects and transforms them into something beautiful. Realistic, yet creative, her colorful oil paintings of coastal landscapes and still lifes inspire and stimulate reminiscence of fond memories and experiences. Pam is a native Floridian, raised in Southwest Florida and a breast cancer survivor since 2001. She now lives in Tallahassee, Florida with her husband Steve, daughter Taryn and their black lab Slater, but escapes to the coast whenever possible. Pam and her husband own Market Floor Center in the Market District and as the previous owner of the Brush & Palette Studio for over 20 years, Pam still teaches, but spends most of her time painting. Pam says: "I paint whenever I can find a free moment. I love getting lost in the creation and then having something beautiful to show for it. I try to paint from the heart, with subjects that have meaning to me. My work is fluid and ever changing as I grow along with my art and my students. ". She is represented in Tallahassee, Florida by Signature Gallery, in Seaside, Florida by An Apartment in Paris and is a member of Ten Artists, Ltd.

oyster art


Tuscan Orange Pepper by Pam Talley


Little St. George by Pam Talley


Libby's Oyster by Pam Talley


Bird Dog by Pam Talley


Seaside by Pam Talley


Fresh Limes by Pam Talley


Fresh Orange by Pam Talley


Fresh Lemons by Pam Talley


SGI by Pam Talley



Ochlockonee River Palms by Pam Talley


Stalking by Pam Talley


Coastal by Pam Talley


Tuscan Red Globe Grapes by Pam Talley


Two Tuscan Eggplants by Pam Talley


Salty by Pam Talley


New Day by Pam Talley


Colors in the Marsh by Pam Talley


St Marks Light by Pam Talley


Slurp by Pam Talley


Orange Orchid by Pam Talley


Ochlockonee Marsh by Pam Talley


Bucketful by Pam Talley


Silver King Tarpon by Pam Talley


Full House by Pam Talley


Sitting on the St Marks by Pam Talley